The Coalition for the Rule of Law in Global Markets is intended to give the business community a voice on the critical subject of rule of law, especially as it pertains to the operations of the global economy.  Among our key advocacy objectives:

  • Foster a global business environment where countries respect the rule of law and provide due process under law to investors, producers, and service providers of every nationality;
  • Highlight violations of the rule of law on behalf of Coalition members and advocate for their prompt and just resolution;
  • Support and defend constitutionalism as the underpinning for the broader application of the rule of law;
  • Educate policymakers about the critical interest of the private sector in the rule of law;
  • Work with thought leaders in this space to develop effective channels to communicate a business voice in rule of law dialogues;
  • Respond appropriately on behalf of Coalition members to violations of the rule of law in the global marketplace.


The global business community has not previously been organized for effective broad-based advocacy for rule of law as it specifically impacts business and investment decisions.


The business community has not been organized to provide multilateral and non-governmental organizations with meaningful input on the business impacts of rule of law-related measurements, reporting, and decision-making.


Rule of law metrics are overly broad to effectively capture and represent the business case, though many necessary elements can be found in various indices.

• Violations of Due Process

  • Illegal expropriations or other takings
  • Illegal prosecutions

• Judicial, legal, or regulatory failures (opaque, ambiguous, or conflicting judicial procedure, law or regulation)

• Judicial, legal, or regulatory lapses (inconsistent or discriminatory application of judicial procedures, law or regulation)

• Property protections (failure to legally recognize private property including the right to personal security, or to enforce laws protecting private property or personal security)

• Extortion (bribery demands)

• Constitutional protections (denial or arbitrary revision of constitutional rights)